Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brazilian/South Pacific/ Indian Marinade

I just returned to the States from Brazil. I have always loved Indian food, and when I got home I was craving a dish that combined Indian flavors but that also had a Brazilian touch. I bought tilapia fillets and whole squids, I marinated them in a combination that was:

3 parts coconut milk, 1 part lime juice

I then added a good amount of:

Curry and Cilantro

The result was superb. The exotic scent of the concoction overtook my entire kitchen and the flavors did exactly the same thing to my mouth. I highly recommend this mix. The result:


This is my first post, and as you can see, this is not a place where measurements are mentioned. My concoctions are purely improvisational - more often than not, I am left very satisfied and other times, it might be the exact opposite; the constant in my kitchen is that it is always exciting.