Thursday, August 30, 2007

A No Go on the Mango

This evening, I whipped up what I thought was going to be an amazing marinade. My attention to detail was in full gear as I pulled out a blender to properly distribute each ingredient to every inch of the fish.

Again, I cooked tilapia this evening. However, rather than using a coconut milk base, I used a mango one.

My marinade consisted of:

1. 1/2 a fresh Mango, sliced
2. A good amount of Mango juice - my base (maybe a little too much)
3. 1/2 a Lime (maybe not enough)
4. A handful of cilantro
5. About 5 mint leaves
6. A sprinkle of Sea salt
7. About 1/8th of a tiny tiny green chili pepper (hot)

I tossed all the components in my blender and watched the off yellowish color substance dance.

Contrary to what I assumed, the marinade was a bit flavorless. I seared the fish and maybe I did not add enough juice to the pan. I wish I were an expert, then I'd know.

Regardless of my result, I think the combo has promise. If tried with different proportions, I think that this mix can make a name for itself.


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Waliz said...

good try pk...i think it will be a tasty tilapia..anyway i thouhg tilapia is a name of fish which other country called whr r u come from?