Friday, August 31, 2007

A Very Nice & Very Healthy Tzatziki

As a lover of mediterranean food, I had to try my hand at making Tzatziki sauce. My batch not only ended up being very tasty but was also quite healthy. Here goes it:

I beagn with a base that was:

1. 1/2 Low-Fat Sour Cream and 1/2 Non-Fat Bulgarian Yogurt (pictured above)

I whipped the two together and then added everything else:

1. 1/2 of a very juicy Lime
2. A little less than a lot of Dill
3. 3 pinches of curry
4. Some fresh ground pepper
5. A sprinkle or two of garlic powder
6. 3 baby english cucumbers
7. And finally as much shredded carrot that looked nice

The result was a smooth, healthy, refreshing, tasty and immensely enjoyed Tzatziki dressing.

Have fun.


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Waliz said...

i wonder how to pronounce this 'Tzatziki'.but i pretty much sure it taste good whatever name u put on it...